Once upon a time, in the Wild West, there were 9 people who envisioned the future of crypto communities, united all under one banner. No more chain wars, no more maxis in a peaceful and prospering crypto Twitter to fuel the next cycle.

We roamed the dusty plains and the shady crypto saloons, praising high and low our one ideal: one community of internet frens gathered from all walks of life and from all other CT communities united under one set of beautiful pixelated pictures inscribed on the oldest blockchain. A community unwavering and unchanged for all eternity on the Bitcoin chain called the Bitcoin Bandits.

We have a plan, you see. Instead of building something shiny new and fresh purely based on hype we want to gather all pioneers, daredevils, explorers and trailblazers from all crypto communities and unite ‘em under Bitcoin. We have the tools and we know just how to do it.

We’ve put up posters all over town, calling out to anyone who had the guts to join us on our adventure. We’ve talked to the cream of the crop, we’ve searched high and low, we’ve found the best of 'em. People gathered from far and wide fillin’ the ol’ dusty Discord Saloon with chatter, hope and excitement for a better future where crypto would rule the world. Everyone there embraced the spirit of the pioneers, the excitement of the gold rush, the thrill of the build.

We want to join together under Bitcoin Bandits the best builders, the best creators, the crazy ones, the degenerates, the mavericks, and anyone else who's willin' to ride with us into the sunset of a better tomorrow. We saw the future, we saw the gains, we saw the coming bull market we saw the gold rush and it’s massive. So, we want to build the tools for this here gold rush so pioneers and trailblazers can make it. We want to inscribe a heapin' pile of stuff, we want to help others inscribe, we want to help them get the good art on the ol’ chain first. But most of all we want to power this thing along with the skills, wits and cunning of our fellow Bitcoin Bandits.

Let's make Bitcoin Bandits the biggest, baddest, most dang impressive crypto community this side of the Mississippi! So if you've got grit and gumption, if you're tired of chain wars and maxis, if you're ready to ride into the sunset and make it with a crew of wild and woolly Bitcoin Bandits, then come join us.

bitcoin bandits manifesto