Chapter VI: Fighting the ฿ear

Finn Haley

2/6/20231 min read

Intrigued by their adventures you read on to discover how governments and institutions had planned to bring Bitcoin down

฿฿ The financial institutions and corrupt individuals they had targeted were not going to give up without a fight. They banded together and formed a powerful alliance with the intention of taking down Bitcoin once and for all. For years they controlled the world economy to extract as much value as they could from people.

฿฿ The Bitcoin Bandits were undaunted and continued to push forward, using their cunning and their technological know-how to stay one step ahead. Their enemies tried all possible measures: world recessions, pandemics, printing money, wars, more money printing but everything they tried backfired and all the value flowed back into Bitcoin. Then they started bringing the world economy to its knees through FED rate hikes and the dreaded BEAR MARKET.

฿฿ Now it's time to FIGHT THE BEAR!