Chapter III: The Byzantine Solving Bandits

Finn Haley

2/9/20231 min read

Curious, you unroll the parchment and begin to read. The story unfolds before your eyes, and you find yourself transported to another time and place, a world of cowboys, renegades, outlaws, and adventure.

The story begins with the tale of a group of bandits notorious for their ideas challenging the status quo and their fight for social and economic justice. The leader of the gang, a charismatic outlaw named Jackson Blake, was a visionary who saw the potential of a decentralised store of value to change the world. He rallied his fellow bandits around this cause, and together they set out to make a difference.

You are struck by the boldness of these bandits and you can't help but admire their ideas as you read on. It seems this group of 19th century outlaws were trying to figure out the Byzantine General problem with . They envisioned a technology that would not be possible for more than 200 years into the future.